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Fire safety system

Intumescent Products in Newcastle upon Tyne

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Intumescent Products

Beacon Hardware Ltd can provide a variety of fire stopping and intumescent products. These products are used to help prevent the passage of smoke and the spread of fire. We take pride in providing our fireproofing products at competitive prices for our clients. 

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A Range of Intumescent Products

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Fire Seals

Beacon Hardware Ltd can provide a range of intumescent fire seals and strips that can help prevent the spread of fire and smoke. These seals will expand when exposed to extreme heat and therefore help to prevent the spread of fire. 

Fire and Smoke Seals

Intumescent smoke seals are strips chemically designed to expand when exposed to heat. These are placed around door frames so that when a fire breaks out into a room, the strip would expand and protect the gap around the door frame. These are an important part of fire doors and offer robust and crucial fire safety to your property. Please get in touch with us so we can provide you expert advise and discuss which would be best for your doors.  

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Contact Us for Intumescent Products

5-7 Cross Morpeth St, Spital Tongues, Newcastle upon Tyne NE2 4AT, UK

0191 232 7591

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